The project area of 625 km2 along the Nanxi river near the city of Wenzhou is located in the province of Zhejiang, China. The river is surrounded by a beautiful mountainous valley with waterfalls, scenic hidden spots with striking rock formations, ancient villages and traditional agriculture.

Niek Roozen bv is invited to cooperate with NITA Ningbo in developing a design for the riverbed running  for 28km along the Nanxi River. The designed Greenway will form a path alongside the whole riverbed, connecting all the scenic areas. The Greenway will tell the cultural stories of the Nanxi river in different ways (by engravings, art and music), so when you have visited the total greenway you have “read” the total Nanxi river “book”. The project will aim to accommodate the increasing level of tourism, meanwhile preserving the beautiful nature of the district.

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Client: Local Government
Cooperation: NITA Ningbo
Area: 625km2 = 28 km left and right bank
Location: Nanxi River, Yongjia Town, Wenzhou