Niek Roozen landscape architects wants to make a contribution to a healthier world.
Our message is simple: GREEN.
More green is needed in our cities.
Real green: trees and plants.
Green for clean air, comfortable microclimate, water storage and biodiversity.
Green for a healthy city.
An investment in green is valuable, also for social interactions like exercising, outside leisure activities or a just a Sunday stroll.

During the Floriade 2002 in Haarlemmermeer we introduced, together with Plant Promotion Offices, the Green City Philosophy: a green strategy for city development.
This philosophy has been the starting point for all our designs ever since.
Climate change and altering economic circumstances force us to think about a sustainable society.
Our projects display the positive influences of plants.
Moreover, plants and flowers make people happy.
That is our passion: Creating a liveable and enjoyable habitat in a sustainable fashion.